Your entire home could be HACKED with these simple mistakes, cyber-experts warn... - The Sun

YOUR smart home gadgets could be an open door for hackers to take over your devices.

Cyber-experts have warned that people are making huge mistakes with their tech.

Make sure to keep smart home devices like your Amazon Echo updated via their apps


Make sure to keep smart home devices like your Amazon Echo updated via their apps Credit: Unsplash

We all use smartphones, and they get updated regulary.

That's important because these updates delivery important security fixes that stop hackers in their tracks.

But we're much less likely to go out of our way to update our smart home tech.

That includes products like smart speakers, TVs, thermostats or security cameras.

But it also means more niche products like smart fridges, kettles or dishwashers.

Worse still, many manufacturers don't provide extended security support for some of these products.

So you could be at risk simply by having a smart home gadget in your home.

"Smart home devices are becoming quite popular, but one key element to consider is the rationale for the device being smart in the first place," said Tim Mackey, cyber-expert at the Synopsys Cybersecurity Research Centre, speaking to The Sun.

"A smart thermostat might make sense for many people, while a smart dishwasher less-so.

"Given the movement to smart homes, and the level of cyber-security awareness within the general population, keeping devices that were secure when initially designed secure as they live out their lives in a home setting is a challenge.

"For example, a smart device might only receive updates for its first year of deployment, but have a lifespan of a decade.

"Absent security updates, it could present an entry point to a home network.

"When device manufacturers focus on promoting the features in their smart devices, they need to consider security as a feature and invest in ensuring that device remains secure throughout the lifespan the consumer expects

"And not just the lifespan the manufacturer might prefer."

Hackers can use these old gadgets that haven't received updates, and find their way into other devices on the network.

So make sure you update devices regularly.

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